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Remembering Mr. Smudge

 Mr. Smudge was a wonderful, funny, sweet cat that we adopted from a shelter up in Bellingham.  We only had him in our life for a single year before losing him to cancer and a partial unrinary blockages.  He is loved and missed, and I've finally gotten to a point where I can get his photo book all finished and posted.


RIP our Wonderful, Brave Smudge


These were the updates we posted through the last month of Smudge's life

2/8/14 UPDATE: Today we noticed that Smudge was still having some incontinence issues.  I took him to the vet this afternoon and it turned out he had a really full bladder.  They were going to keep him over the weekend to monitor and take care of him.  When they did bloodwork, though, they found that he was in acute kidney failure and was much sicker than any of us realized.  Shortly after that, he stopped breathing and then his heart stopped.  They did everything they could, but he passed.  I'm grateful he passed in a place that could make that passing as pain free as possible rather than at home where the process would have been much more miserable.

I'm also grateful that he chose to come up on the bed last night and snuggle with us.  He laid down between us and purred SO HARD to be back in his proper place.  This afternoon, he went out into his catio and got to enjoy some sunshine for a bit.  I'm happy his last day had some bright moments in it.

2/7/14 UPDATE: Smudge has been recovering well.  His drain came out with no problem and the surgeon (and now our reguarl vet) are happy with how the sutures look and how the incision is healing.  Stitches are likely to come out next Wed.  He's purring when we lay down next to him and give hime scritches, and he's started giving ginger 5's again for treats.  

He's currently at the vet getting a bath and a sanitary clip as he's having a hard time keeping his back end clean.  

Trupanion's coverage has covered the majority of Smudge's bills.  Have we mentioned how much we love Trupanion?  They have been kind and caring and interested in Smudge and his recovery! Between the insurance, donations, and some of our own resources, we've gotten everything covered.  I'm going to leave the paypal button up for a bit.  Thank you again for all your good thoughts and donations! 

1/31/14 UPDATE: He's home!  He is understandably cranky about the whole situation, but it's really nice to have Smudge home.  He has a drain that will stay in until Monday as well as a stretchy cotton bandage t-shirt to cover his sutures.  I'm sure that the hard times have only really started as we work on recovery, but I'm grateful for the start.

1/30/14 UPDATE: Thank you for all the good thoughts!  Jeff just talked to the surgeon. Smudge did great and is coming out of anesthesia in the surgery's ICU area. Initial reports sound like the surgeon is pleased with surgery results. Jeff says the ICU staff will consult with the surgeon on when Smudge can come home, likely either tomorrow or Saturday.  I'm so very releived!  

1/29/14 UPDATE: Thank you so much for the help!  Tomorrow is surgery day at ACCES down in Renton.  Please think good thoughts for Mr. Smudge

1/17/14: At the end of December, I discovered a couple of little lumps between Smudge's shoulderblades.  Today, after poke test and a CT scan, we know it's a soft tissue sarcoma (cancer).  Because it is pretty close to both his shoulderblade and his spine, it looks like he is going to need to have the orthopedic surgeon to remove the tumor and spreading bits.

We have pet insurance that will cover 90% of Smudge's treatments.  (By the by, we highly recommend Trupanion if you are looking for pet insurance!)  However, we still need to pay for everything up front while we wait for the insurance claims to process.  Our vet is guessing that the orthopedic surgery will cost in the $3,000-5,000 range.  I'm not going to actively campaign for funds, but I'm also not going to turn down donations.